"gurulEka yETuvaNTi guNiki dEliyaga bOdu"
No one, however virtuous he may be, without the grace of a Guru will know!

- Saint Thyagaraja


The Hindu, Dec 2011: On balancing his twin professions/passions, Carnatic Vocalist and Corporate Banker, V Shankaranarayanan says "it's like having two children..."

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His two professions act as mutual stress busters even as he emphasises the importance of family support in helping him reach his goals

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Doordarshan, Jan 2012:

Namvirundinar - A chat show in Podigai (a subsidiary of Doordarshan)

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Chennai Online, Dec 2009: Balancing Creativity with Tradition...


Carnatic Darbar, Dec 2009: Music is a way to reach God


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My initiation to music was at a very young age, and ever since it has remained an integral part of my life for close to two decades.



The mandatory ‘Madurapuri Nilaye' took the vocalist to the realms of musical retrieve with poignant niraval and swaraprasthara. Even the normally bland first kala swaras were shining with the way Sankaranarayanan presented it.- G. Swaminathan, The Hindu


Shanmukhapriya expanded cohesively with nagaswaram prayogas, panchama varja phrases and a spate of mercurial sancharas in the fast track, denoting the mature, musical consciousness.Smt Sulochana Pattabiraman, The Hindu


Both niraval at ‘Kamakshi Kanchadalayadakshi’ and swarams reminded the audience of vintage productions of maestros like GNB.Bala Shankar, The Hindu


He had a specialised way of elongating on a syllable rendering a dimension to the kriti which set him apart from the run-of-the-mill artistsRanee Kumar, The Hindu






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